Winter is for Lovers

When spring comes again, your favorite blogs may start to be overrun with articles which declare that "wedding season is upon us!" While there are no official dates, "wedding season" tends to run from April to October. Just like the flowers and the songbirds, weddings tend to disappear when the days become really and truly chilly. Then, when the weather begins to warm and the days grow longer, they return. 

For some people, wedding season is the absolute WORST. It's a seemingly endless parade of buying gifts, wearing pantyhose, and spending your Saturday nights with strangers. These weddingphobes spend each Thanksgiving being grateful for a few months of wedding respite. For those folks, I have some terrifying words. Brace yourselves.

WINTER WEDDINGS. (Aaaaaaaaah! There's no escaping!)

OK, calm down. Why have a winter wedding? Plenty of good reasons.


You might be dreaming about a June wedding, but you ain't the only one. Wedding season means that wedding venues are in high demand, and that can translate into a more expensive event. By booking your wedding during a less popular time of year, you may be able to snag yourself a bargain. That's money in your pocket.


When you start to look for photos of winter wedding, you can find so many beautiful images of brides in the snow, couples on sleigh rides, and receptions that happen in a cozy lodge with a roaring fire. Wedding photos like those will keep you feeling warm and fuzzy for years to come. And for the grooms out there, it's worth mentioning that a winter wedding is probably less about pastel colors and more about rich, vibrant hues. Navy, crimson, and silver are all popular winter color schemes that don't tend to raise objections from the guys.


Like many ladies, I am cold-natured and there is nothing I like more than wrapping up in a warm blanket with a mug of something hot. But there are folks out there whose internal thermostats go the other way, and they might wonder why on EARTH anybody would plan an outdoor wedding when the temperature passes 72 degrees. An elegant, indoor winter ceremony eliminates anxieties about how long Grandma can reasonably be expected to stand the summer heat.

Also, for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies, winter weddings are a blessing. Pollen counts are down in winter. This means you probably won't be worrying how long the Allegra will keep your symptoms at bay.

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