Kylie & Charles - Married!

Kylie and Charles are straight-up awesome, and their wedding day was blessed with so many good signs. The weather was perfect, with thick white clouds strewn across a vibrant blue sky. A pair of dolphins came swimming by the dock during the ceremony. Seriously, they were maybe fifteen feet away and they stayed for a good five minutes. How is that not good luck?!

These two lovebirds got hitched at the romantic Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. If you don't already know, they filmed parts of “The Notebook” at Boone Hall. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively recently got married at Boone Hall. Translation: Boone Hall is beautiful and amazing.

What is obvious as soon as you meet them is that Kylie and Charles are not only in love, they are truly best friends. For over a year, they spent nearly every moment together. They lived together, worked together, went to the gym together, spent time with friends, went to dinner, ran errands, went to sleep – all of it together, and never tiring of each other's company. If that isn't the definition of a soulmate, I don't know what it is. At their wedding they barely left each other's side all night, even eating dinner alone together on the dock. Not only was this an incredibly romantic choice, but it allowed the bride and groom to actually finish their meals. Former brides and grooms know what a challenge that can be!

Every last detail of the wedding day reflected the newlyweds' classic, polished, yet thoroughly modern taste. From the fluffy white wreaths to the seawater-inspired bridesmaids' dresses, the whole affair was perfectly style for a waterside summer celebration. The beauty of the wedding was nearly as beautiful as the love in the room. And trust me - when it comes to Kylie and Charles, that is really saying something.

Ceremony & Reception Site: Boone Hall Plantation
Photography: Lauren Mann Photography
Catering: Brick Lane
Bartending Services: Icebox
Event Rentals: Event DRS