Pinspiration: Fern & Woodland

Man alive, it is MISERABLE outside today. All the trees are covered in ice, and your every breath turns into a cloud as thick as mushroom soup. It's the sort of day that makes you want to curl up in front of a fire and watch an old movie you've watched 1,000 times before. And, if you hate winter as much as I do, it makes you long for the return of sunny days and green leaves and warm breezes.

To get me through the cold winter days, I created a Pinterest board. It's the beginnings of a wedding design that invokes a shady, earthy woodland feeling. From the invitations to the cake to the favors, every element is full of lush, green life. On days like today, it's nice to visit the board and take a little vacation from the chilly temps and damp air outside. Enjoy!