Molly & Bowen - Married!

It was tough to know where to start with Molly and Bowen. Do I talk about how smart they are? After all, they're both about to graduate from medical school and start their residencies. Do I talk about how sweet they are? They're so kind, so gentle with one another, and I've never heard a hard word from either of them, no matter how much planning a wedding while finishing medical rotations might have stressed them out. Do I talk about how good-looking they are? Molly looks like an absolute china doll, with delicate features and perfect skin, while Bowen has some of the kindest eyes I've ever seen and a smile that's completely infectious. 

There was a lot to love about Molly and Bowen's wedding. They used so many aspects of their lives to create a celebration that felt both classic and deeply personal. To celebrate Bowen's heritage as a first-generation American with Chinese immigrant parents, they peppered their wedding decor with rich red accents. To pay homage to their shared love of sci-fi and fantasy literature, Molly hand-crafted her wedding flowers from the pages of her favorite books. And then, of course, there's the princess thing.

It was so much fun to see how Molly embraced being a princess on her wedding day. Because she could. Because she had to. Because any wedding she planned for herself was always, unavoidably, going to be a Cinderella wedding. Why? Because Cinderella is her last name. (I know!!!) From the fairy princess gown to the white pumpkin centerpieces to a few cheeky photos featuring a lost shoe, Molly had a lot of fun with her unusual name.

But my favorite thing? The parade. Starting at the Sheraton in downtown Raleigh, Molly and Bowen led their guests on a grand, five-block processional to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. With a six-piece drumline out in front, they made quite the scene!

I know these two sweetie pies are in for a lifetime of happiness. Bookwormy, medical, princessy, multicultural happiness.