Linda & Ethan - Married!

Linda and Ethan are the most lovey-dovey couple I have ever met, hands down. Well, maybe "hands down" isn't quite accurate, because I had a 90-minute meeting with them in my office and they held hands basically the entire time. Who does that?!

People who are crazy in love, that's who. The joy they feel at being around one another is just off-the-charts, and it made their wedding day a wonderful experience for everybody involved. From the first moment they saw one another, they were grinning a mile wide. Ethan was so busy smiling and kissing his new bride on the way out of the ceremony that he ran straight into a pole. While scoping out their reception space during cocktail hour, they practiced their first dance moves one last time. The love between Linda and Ethan, swaying together without music, set an amazing tone for the night and (truly) for the rest of their lives. Who needs music when your true love's voice is the sweetest sound in the world?

While the look in their eyes was the most beautiful thing in the room, Linda and Ethan had plenty of other lovely things to look at. They chose to decorate their wedding in shades of peach and mint green, a color scheme that worked perfectly for a late March wedding when the trees were juuuuuuust starting to flower. The simple, lovely floral arrangements were accented by sweet paper pinwheels made by the bride. The pinwheels also made an appearance on the cake table, next to five delicious "almond amaretto" cakes featuring a variety of simple buttercream patterns. (Fun fact: This particular recipe from this particular bakery is my favorite cake on the face of the earth. No disrespect to my other baker friends, that's just how it is. That cake is my ultimate dessert soulmate from whom I shall not be parted.)

Robin Lin did an amazing job capturing the warm glow between the newlyweds, and we here at RedBird wish them all the best for years to come. Congratulations, Linda and Ethan!

Baker:  Edible Art
Ceremony Musicians:  Arioso Strings
DJ:  Kent Bloms for Joe Bunn DJ Company
Florist:  Tre Bella
Photographer:  Robin Lin Photography
Transportation:  EcoStyle
Venue & Catering:  1705 Prime (Rocky Top Hospitality)