Like a Boss

When I sit down to write my blog posts, I generally don't involve myself in the brainstorming process. I try to make sure every post is informative or fun for couples planning their wedding, even if I'm not the one helping them get the planning done. Today, though, I want to talk about something new.

There are a lot of labels we all carry around. Mine include wife, aunt, knitter, southern, and feminist (just to name a few). But now I've got a new one – Boss.

I realized some time ago that bringing other people on board would have to happen sooner or later. I needed consistent helpers whose patterns I could learn, whose behavior I could begin to anticipate, and who could grow to understand what I need them to do without my saying a word. Also, I was becoming weary of responding to the emails of excited brides and grooms by saying, “I'm so sorry, I'm already booked for your date.” Hiring employees was just the next necessary step.

I've hired some awesome coordinators for my 2014 wedding season. And while I'm excited about this next phase of my business, it's scary too. What if I hired the wrong people? What if they turn out to be unreliable or we don't get along? What if they turn out to be great, but they leave me? And what if someone does something unforgivable and I have to (gulp) fire them? That's the biggest fear, actually. The fear of telling someone else that they're not good enough and making them feel badly. The fear of hurting feelings.

Being a boss isn't the sexiest thing in the world. It's meant getting familiar with tax codes and labor laws, learning how to draft a paycheck and calculate withholding. But as unglamorous as those jobs might be, I was happy to take them on. For RedBird Events to grow and become as amazing as I want it to be, a good team is essential. And truly, expanding the company is better for everyone. It's better for the business if we can book multiple weddings in a single weekend. It's better for my clients to have a team of two or more coordinators on their wedding day, rather than a coordinator who works solo. And it's better for me, knowing that my success doesn't hinge entirely on my own efforts, but is facilitated by teamwork with others (even if I'm the one who's paying them to be there).

I'm really pleased with my coordinator team. They're all bright, professional, hard-working, fun-loving women and I can't wait to get to know them better. I just have a feeling - this wedding season is going to be a blast!