Beautiful Simplicity: Joan of Arcadia weds Tobias Fünke

Last weekend saw the wedding of Amber Tamblyn (she of the Traveling Pants) and David Cross (he of the possibly the greatest television series of all time, Arrested Development). Their wedding ceremony was beautiful, but more importantly, it was a fantastic inspiration for DIY brides. The ceremony featured next to nothing, decor-wise. The bride arrived in a canoe, barefoot, and wearing a yellow dress. The ceremony was staged in a clearing next to the forest. If it weren't for the fact that these two announced their engagement ages ago (or the fact that guests included Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Amy Poehler, and America Ferrera) you could have believed they put the whole thing together in a week.

The photos are all courtesy of wedding guest and Roots drummer Questlove's Instagram feed. (How does Instagram make everything so freaking beautiful?!)

DIY brides can work themselves into a tizzy worrying that every detail has to be perfect. And when it comes to details, there's always ONE MORE that they just HAVE to complete. "Let's make a rubber stamp out of a Pink Pearl eraser and stamp 300 cocktail napkins with our initials! Let's fold a paper crane with each guest's name to use as placecards! Let's hand dip several hundred truffles and then put them into hand-glued fabric boxes to give as favors!" If you're a DIY bride, you're probably smirking and nodding by now. But for Amber and David, it wasn't important that the guests be served a signature cocktail as they awaited the ceremony. Heck, it wasn't even important to Amber to wear white. The truth, as evidenced in the photos, is that all you really need on your wedding day is to be happy.

Amber's wedding reminded me of my own. I got married at the courthouse. Actually, the jail. The midnight before our "real" wedding, we hailed one of the boys from Raleigh Rickshaw and made our way to the Wake County Magistrate's Office. We became man and wife without decoration, without a DJ, and without a dove release. When I look at these pictures, the most striking thing is the joy on my face and my husband's. (And that, like the new Mrs Cross, I wore a yellow dress.)