The art of the "Oh #@$*%! Kit"

Want to know what a wedding planner packs in her day-of emergency kit? Read to the end of this post to find out. 

 Emergency kits are a must for your wedding day. How awful would it be, thirty minutes before you walk down the aisle, to need something as simple as an aspirin and not have it close at hand? Weddings present a lot of surprises, and having a little stash of supplies can bring you peace of mind like you wouldn't believe. If you search for “wedding emergency kit” on Pinterest, you'll find a lot of great suggestions for what items you should include. One result in particular pops up like crazy, which makes sense because it's a good list that's presented very attractively.

Here's the thing, though. STUFF =  MONEY. In fact, I did a little price shopping at my local grocery store. Here's what you'll pay:

Bandages - $2.39
Mints - $1.49
Clear nail polish - $0.99
Bobby pins - $3.29
Tissues - $1.49
Deodorant - $1.50
White nail polish - $0.99
Lotion - $2.79
Aspirin - $3.99
Mirror - $1.99
Hair spray - $1.69
Antacid - $2.00
Drinking straws - $1.39
Lint roller - $2.99
Snacks - $2.39
Eye drops - $3.79
Safety pins - $2.49
Stain remover - $2.69
Static guard - $1.89
Sewing kit - $3.49

Grand total? $45.72. Double that if you're making a separate kit for the groom.

And guess what it doesn't include? A whole lot more. Like oil-blotting sheets, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, pantyliners, double-sided tape, sunscreen, q-tips, allergy relief, emery board, orange stick, tampons, nail clippers, tweezers, blister pads, super glue, lash glue, lip balm, eye makeup remover, chalk, cough drops, extra pearl studs, extra cubic zirconia studs, corsage pins, hairpins, hair elastics, pantyhose, hairbrush, cotton rounds, face wipes, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, razor, and shaving cream.

Why yes, our emergency kit IS baller! Thank you for noticing!

Why yes, our emergency kit IS baller! Thank you for noticing!

Those items, plus the ones from the Pinterest list, are what RedBird brides get access to on their wedding day. Hundreds of dollars worth of goodies, neatly labeled, all packed into a trusty tackle box. And do we have an equally awesome groom's kit, tricked out with items specially selected for the gents? You bet we do! If you're not going to hire us, however, you're going to need a kit of your own. Here are a few tips for doing it right.

Clean out your medicine cabinet, toss it in a Caboodle, and you're on your way to a wedding emergency kit. Throw in some nail clippers. Add the hairbrush you keep in your purse. Pull out that bottle of clear nail polish. By using items you've got lying around the house, you'll save on purchasing new ones just for the wedding day.

Do you have a friend who just got married? How about a pal whose wedding is fast approaching? Either way, they may have an emergency kit of their own. Ask if you can have (or buy) the kit when they're done with it, and you'll likely have a near-complete kit to use on your own wedding day.

Figure out what you can live without. Do you actually need a toothpaste and toothbrush, or will mints do the trick? Will you die without your oil-blotting papers? Does your stomach tend to act up when you're under stress? Are ashy knees and elbows your biggest fear? You can't pack your whole house in a box, so only take those things that matter most. Don't pay too much attention to other people's lists. Forge your own path!

Remember what I just said about forging your own path? Yeah, forget all that. I've got a list for you. In my experience, some things get used up quicker than others. Here are the items that my couples end up needing most often.

  • mouthwash or mints
  • bobby pins
  • deodorant
  • tissues
  • pain reliever
  • antacids
  • blister pads
  • lint roller
  • bobby pins
  • scissors
  • needle and appropriately-colored thread
  • super glue
  • safety pins

From where I'm standing, it's a whole lot easier to just hire a wedding day coordinator than to put these things together yourself. We come with our own kits, neatly organized, and you don't have to lift a finger. Here at RedBird, we also bring along a third emergency kit, the "coordinator's kit", to deal with all the little crises that we keep secret and off of your radar. It's a 65-pound beast that contains nearly everything under the sun. How much stuff? SO MUCH STUFF. OH MY GOD. Click here for a complete listing of every little item we schlep to our clients' weddings. You'd be surprised how much of this we end up using each weekend!