Beth & Cory - Married!

Everyone's thinking it, so I'm just going to say it – Beth and Cory are gorgeous. I know, I know, everyone looks gorgeous on their wedding day, but seriously. Come on. Look at this pair of lovely young people. And their wedding was beautiful too, with so many charming DIY details. I usually get a case of the shakes when a couple tells me that plan to arrange their own flowers, but Beth did an incredible job. Oh, and did I mention that she baked all her own desserts? Aaaaaaand all the scones for her scone-and-jam-in-a-berry-basket wedding favors? I'm telling you, if you need tips on how to pull off a fabulous DIY wedding, Beth is the one to call.

Beth and Cory came to us - as so many of our wonderful couples do - on a tip from Mr. Snipes out at Snipes Farm Retreat in Chapel Hill. It's still hard to believe that we didn't actually meet them until the day of their rehearsal. The lovebirds live in Miami, so all of their planning was done long-distance, and over the course of several Skype meetings we developed a real affection for each other. Case in point? Upon first catching sight of each other at the rehearsal, Beth and I ran at each other from across the field, romantic movie-style. Just being around those two is enough to give anyone a case of the warm fuzzies.

And when I say warm, hoo boy, do I mean WARM. Beth and Cory's wedding day was a scorcher in late June, with a humidity of about one gazillion percent. We all got awfully sweaty that day, but looking at the pictures of all the happy faces, you'd never know it. Part of that is due to Lauren Waterhouse's amazing photography, but I mostly chalk it up to the power of love. When you're in love, you don't care that it's ninety degrees in the shade. You don't care that your cupcakes are melty. You don't care about pushing the A/C to the breaking point. All you care about is sharing an amazing day with your true love, your friends, and your family.

Caterer:  Backyard Bistro
Ceremony Musicians:  Eversole Brothers
DJ:  Stephen Scott Professional Entertainment
Officiant:  Reverend Barbara Lodge
Photographer:  Waterhouse Studios
Rentals:  American Party Rentals
Transportation:  White Horse
Venue:  Snipes Farm Retreat