Ann & Ben - Married!

Although Ann and Ben make their home in Washington, DC, they came to Raleigh to be married. From our first meeting, I could see that there was something so real and deep between them. These two people were grown, mature, and incredibly bright. They're the kind of people for whom an ordinary love and an ordinary life simply wouldn't do. Thank heaven, then, that they found one another.

Here's the thing about Ann - she doesn't mess around. At our first meeting, she made it very clear that she had a razor-sharp vision for her wedding day, and she wasn't interested in any of this "whatever the coordinator thinks is best" stuff. That intensity doesn't just manifest as toughness. It also makes her an incredibly loving, fiercely devoted person. Ann cried more than any bride I have every worked with, and it was magnificent. She's a woman unafraid of really and truly expressing her emotions, and on that mid-September day when she and Ben became partners for life, she did just that.

Ann and Ben's wedding day was full of sentiment and symbolism. They married at the beautiful First Presbyterian Church in downtown Raleigh, the same church where her parents were married decades before. Ann wore a pair of earrings - inexpensive costume jewelry she admired as a child - that were willed to her by her grandmother. As an adorable wedding gift, one of Ben's friends crocheted him a little pair of Yoda in wedding finery. As a surprise for Ann, her father arranged for a slideshow to play during their special dance together. While the look of the wedding was pure elegance - all creamy white petals, rich blue satin, and hundreds of candles - the feeling was completely intimate and personal. What an amazing way to start a life together...

Baker:  Sugarland
Ceremony Musicians:  Foscoe Philharmonic
Ceremony Venue:  First Presbyterian Church
DJ: All Events DJ
Florist:  Fresh Affairs
Photographer: Jim Colman Photography
Reception Venue & Catering: The State Club
Stylist: Images by Denise (Hair) & OnLoKtion (Makeup)
Videographer:  Divine Treasures