A Walk to Remember

While I love my grooms, today's blog is all about the bride.

One of the absolute highlights of the wedding day is the bride's walk down the aisle. As many times as I've seen it, watching a bride take her last walk as a single woman always gives me goosebumps. Because it's such an important few seconds, and she'll look at the photos of those seconds over and over again during her lifetime, I hate for my brides to look or feel anything less than spectacular at that moment in time.

Many brides find the moments before they walk down the aisle to be as stressful, like waiting to make their big entrance in a play. But it's important to remember that your wedding is not a performance. It's a sacred and transformative occasion, and the moments before you enter your ceremony should feel like the last countdown on New Year's Eve – exciting, momentous, preparing the way for something inevitable and wonderful.

Here is my advice for serenity in the last moments before the altar.

First, take a few deep breaths while your bridesmaids or other wedding party members process into the ceremony. Let your gentle breaths bring you peace and focus. Allow your muscles to relax, your shoulders to fall back, your head to lift high. Remember that you are being taken care of, and that you have someone there to gently let you know when it's time to start your journey. As your wedding party enter the ceremony, enjoy watching them. Enjoy the private moment you share with your escort once everyone else has gone and left the two of you alone. Enjoy the thought of being married very soon!

Let your coordinator take care of you. We will prepare you to look beautiful and put-together. Give us a few seconds to fan out your train in all its glory and to drape the edges of your veil gently across your shoulders. You spent so long putting together your perfect look, and we want it to make you positively glow.

Hold your bouquet nice and low – place your hand near your lower belly and you'll have it just right. For a lovely soft look, let your elbows point behind you rather than out to the side like chicken wings. With your other hand, you'll hold onto your escort. If you have a male escort, he should form a soft fist and place it against his ribcage. Gently hold onto the crook of his elbow or his bicep. If you have a female escort, the two of you can hold hands.

When your music begins, take a beat before you begin to walk. Remember what this ceremony means. Remember that the person you love most in the world loves you too, that they are about to pledge their life to you. Let that thought fill your heart with joy and put a smile on your face. A real, happy smile is the perfect finishing touch to your beautiful wedding ensemble.

Finally, when the time has come for you to move, walk slowly. (Too slowly, it will feel like!) Nerves can make you walk faster than you realize, so a walk that feels like a crawl is just right. Soak up the moment and really make it last. Drink in the sight of your family around you, your friends, and your beloved. Feel the love and support that surround you on this special day.

All the planning and dreaming has come down to this time and this space. Feel safe. Feel beautiful. Be in the moment. And know, really know in your heart, that all is well.

Flowers low, relaxed hands, happy faces - this is perfect. www.katrinaelenaphotography.com

Flowers low, relaxed hands, happy faces - this is perfect.