About Gretchen


I'm a wedding planner, a knitter, a bird watcher, and an eater of anything covered in soy sauce. I was born and raised here in Raleigh. It's where I met and married my sweet husband, and I hope that we'll always call it home.

My background is pure Nerdsville, with training as a scientist and a history working in genetics laboratories. Eventually I transitioned from long white lab coats to long white dresses. It's been amazing, and I've never looked back.

With every wedding I plan or coordinate, I know that RedBird has been entrusted with something very precious. One single, special day that you've dreamed of for years and will remember forever. And when I think of all the lives we've touched - hundreds of brides and grooms, moms and dads, friends and loved ones - my heart is full of joy and gratitude.

I'm always excited to meet RedBird's next awesome, inspiring, crazy-in-love couple... and I really, really hope it's you.